4X4 Special Effects DV Kit with Waist Pack

4X4 Special Effects DV Kit with Waist Pack
    MSRP: 1,058.00

    Price: $991.25

    Code: Tiffen-44DVSEK

    4X4 Special Effects DV Kit with Waist Pack
    Special Effects DV Kit
    A Whole New World of Artistic Possibilities

    Color Grad ND 0.6 - Balances sky to forground. Half clear to half Neutral Density 0.6 with a soft edge transition. Can be used to tone down an overly bright sky. Only half of scene is affected, with no image or exposure change to other half.
    Pro-Mist - Tones down excessive sharpness and reduces contrast by lightening shadow areas somewhat. Creates a moderate flare that adds a pearlescent glow around highlights.
    Gold Diffusion FX - Gives a silky smooth look to textured surfaces, and adds a warm, gold tone to the scene. Suppresses facial blemishes and wrinkles, while keeping the eyes crystal clear. Neutral colors are minimally affected, while cool colors and skintones are slightly warmed and softened.
    ENHANCING - Makes reds, rust browns and oranges "pop". Ideal for fall foliage, red barns, brick buildings, sunsets, wood tones and flowers.

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