Schneider 102mm Clear

Schneider 102mm Clear
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    Schneider 102mm Clear
    Schneider 102mm B+W Clear UV Haze (010)

    Good lenses are far more expensive than filters, therefore it makes good sense to attach a filter to protect the lens’ sensitive front element. In order for this lens protection not to add a permanent filter effect, the protective filter should consist of clear, completely colorless glasswith the highest possible transparency. These are precisely the characteristics of the B+W UV 010 Filter, which furthermore also blocks the detrimental effects of ultraviolet radiation. The extremely hard MRC coating with its water and dirt-repelling capability optimizes the protective effect and facilitates cleaning in case of accidental fingerprints or when the surface becomes soiled. This, by the way, is all the more important with digital cameras, whose picture quality, because of the shorter focal length of their lenses, is much more sensitive to dirt on the front element of a lens!

    This UV Filter blocks the invisible UV component of light from the sky, which can cause blur and to which many color films react with a blue cast. These filters should be called UV-Blocking Filters, because there are filters for technical applications that pass UV radiation and block all the other wavelengths. Nevertheless, the short term UV Filter has become established among photographers. UV Filters are ideal for photography in high altitudes (in the mountains), by the sea and in regions with very clean air. The pictures gain brilliance and disturbing blue casts are avoided. Because the glass is colorless, color rendition is not altered, aside from the elimination of the unwanted blue cast, and no increase in exposure is required. That makes a UV Filter very suitable as protection of the front element of the taking lens against dust, flying sand, sea water spray and the like, and it can be kept on the lens at all times. It is recommended for analog color and black-and-white as well as digital photography.