Schneider 95mm ND.6

Schneider 95mm ND.6
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    Schneider 95mm ND.6
    Schneider B+W 95mm ND 0.6-4X (102)
    Modern high-speed lenses produce bright viewfinder images in reflex cameras and make fast shutter speeds possible in all types of cameras, even with slow-speed films or under poor light conditions. But their large apertures can also be used as an interesting creative element:

    At wide apertures the depth of field is reduced so much that eventually only the main subject will be rendered sharply, whereas the fore- and background will be unsharp. This also focuses the attention on the main subject in a creative sense, it draws the attention of the viewer as if by magic, relegating everything else into the background. In intense brightness, how-ever, with high-speed film or a short focal length (with correspondingly higher depth of field), using a large aperture to achieve the desired selective sharpness effect may not be possible without incurring over-exposure. This is when B+W neutral density filters provide the solution.

    When the shutter speed is reduced by two or three steps instead opening the aperture, for instance, a neutral density filter can be used for equally creative blur effects with moving subjects.

    This B+W Neutral Density Filter reduces the light by two f-stops (log density 0.6), and it is the most popular ND filter in photographic work. It offers many benefits, for instance f/4 instead of f/8 for selective sharpness instead of a great depth of field, or 1/15 s instead of 1/60 s for a flowing instead of a frozen waterfall. It has excellent color neutrality, costs less than the denser filters, and is recommended as part of a basic outfit. The filter factor is 4x.