Digital Sports Photography Made Simple

Digital Sports Photography Made Simple
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    Digital Sports Photography Made Simple

    Digital Sports Photography Made Simple - How to take Great Action Photos
    Instructional DVD
    Running Time 72 Minutes

    This 70 minute DVD will teach you all the fundamentals and advanced techniques you need to know for shooting awesome sports photos using any digital SLR camera and a basic zoom lens.
    As you'll learn from the DVD, taking great sports photos isn't about equipment, it's about learning professional techniques and then putting them into practice.
    With 14 chapters of detailed explanations, examples, tutorials, and tips, this DVD demystifies sports shooting and shows exactly how to get great results.

    Of all the things that you can take pictures of, few of them are as rewarding as photos of your friends and family playing sports. But how do you capture those dramatic moments in photographs? It may look easy at first, but as anyone who has tried it can tell you, getting good sports photos isn't so simple.
    So, if you're ready to go beyond taking snapshots -- and start shooting like a pro -- the "Digital Sports Photography Made Simple" DVD is just for you.
    This fun-to-watch DVD will teach you both the fundamentals and advanced techniques of shooting sports - so you can get awesome images using ANY digital SLR. In fact, all of the 200+ pictures shown in the DVD were taken with an entry-level camera and a 200mm lens - or smaller.

    You'll learn:
    Why you should avoid using the automatic exposure settings on your camera.
    How to choose the right f-stop, shutter speed, and ISO settings for any conditions -- and how they interact with each other.
    How to prepare for an event before you even leave home.
    How to control your Depth-of-field for professional-looking results.
    Techniques for focusing on fast moving athletes.
    Where to position yourself around the field for the best angles.
    How to anticipate the action and capture the most dramatic moments.
    How to use the sun and weather conditions to your advantage.
    How to get better results with a flash.
    How to enhance your images on the computer before printing.
    Over 200 examples of good and bad photos
    And much more.