Tiffen 82mm DV Scenic ENHANCING Kit 3

Tiffen 82mm DV Scenic ENHANCING Kit 3
    MSRP: 345.99

    Price: $290.95

    Code: Tiffen-82DVSEK3

    Tiffen 82mm DV Scenic ENHANCING Kit 3
    One of the New DV "Survival" Filter Kits new for 2006.

    Sunset Color-Grad 2 - Adds vibrant red to orange to yellow to clear graduated color to your background without affecting the foreground. No other filter has done as much to intensify an already beautiful sunset or create a magnificent one where none had existed.
    • Add color selectively while leaving the rest of the scene unaffected.
    • Half color, half clear with a soft transition area between.
    ENHANCING Filter - (Requires 1 f-stop compensation) Creates warm vibrant color by selectively improving and super saturating reds, oranges, rust browns and wood tones with minimum effect on other colors. Dramatically "POPS" these colors resulting in dynamic contrast on DV.
    • A "must have" for Fall foliage, florals, sunsets, sunrises! Adds punch to red barns, fire engines, wood tones and rock formations.
    • Combine with Tiffen's Ultra Pol Circular Polarizer for exciting results.
    Color-Grad ND.6 - The most challenging and also most common occurrence in shooting landscapes is that the sky is often two stops brighter than the foreground. The Color-Grad ND.6 cuts down two stops of light in the background while maintaining foreground light and provides the perfect solution for bringing both into proper exposure balance. Capture all the marvelous detail while retaining the correct exposure in the foreground.
    • Half Neutral Density, half Clear with a soft transition between.
    • Ideal for landscapes, scenics, architecture, wildlife, and sports - Useful in everyday outdoor shots with overly bright light.

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