72MM Gold Diffusion/FX Filter

72MM Gold Diffusion/FX Filter
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    Price: $99.95

    Code: Tiffen-72GDFX

    72MM Gold Diffusion/FX Filter
    Black & Gold Diffusion/FX Filters
    Many techniques have been developed for diffusing or softening images, whether to create a mood in a landscape or portrait or simply as an aid to make people look glamorous.

    These filters produce silky-smooth textures, even in tight close-ups without sacrificing image clarity. They offer the most advanced diffuser ever developed by Tiffen. Each creates a diffused image that doesn't look like it's been shot through a filter.

    Black Diffusion/FX
    Does spectacular job of suppressing facial blemishes and wrinkles.
    Maintains clear focused image.
    Eyes stay clear and sharp.
    Virtually eliminates unwanted details without being dull or "fuzzy".
    Bare minimum of highlight flare is produced.
    Effect of lighter grades is subtle, with higher grades becoming gradually more noticeable.

    Gold Diffusion/FX
    Takes Black Diffusion/FX a step further.
    Adds soft, golden tint to shadows.
    Infuses images with a special warmth.
    Balances any mix of skin tones.

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