4X5.650 Video Essentials DV Kit

4X5.650 Video Essentials DV Kit
    MSRP: 695.00

    Price: $651.25

    Code: Tiffen-45650DVVEK

    4X5.650 Video Essentials DV Kit
    Video Essentials DV Kit - An absolute "must"!

    Clear Filter - Helps protect your valuable lens from dirt, scratches, grime, and damage without any color or exposure change to the subject.
    Ultra Pol Circular Polarizer - Increases color saturation, provides deep blue skies on sunny days and greater cloud contrast, while reducing reflection and glare from glass, water, and non-metallic objects.
    Warm UV17 - Removes 97% of the ultra violet light. Combines 812 Color Warming Filter with UV17. Reduces cool blue tones of outdoor scenes and video lights and warms up skintones for a healthier look.

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