4X4 Film Look DV Kit with Waist Pack

4X4 Film Look DV Kit with Waist Pack
    MSRP: 879.00

    Price: $825.00

    Code: Tiffen-44DVFLK

    4X4 Film Look DV Kit with Waist Pack
    Film Look DV Kit
    Use these 4 filters to Create Different Variations of the Film Look.

    Black Diffusion FX 1/2 - Gives a silky-smooth look to textured surfaces; supresses facial blemishes and wrinkles while maintaining a clear focused image. Softens the scene, with no hint that a filter was used.
    Black Pro-Mist 1/2 - Tones down excessive sharpness to create the "film look." Especially useful given the extremely sharp resolution of today's lenses. Creates a light "pastel" effect while reducing contrast and slightly lighting shadow areas.
    Warm Black Diffusion FX 1/4 - Provides same benefits as Black Diffusion/FX with more subtle effects. Added warmth of 812 Color Warming filter provides healthier looking skintones.
    Soft/FX 1 - Contains tiny "lenslets" that soften unwanted details, but maintain overall image clarity and focus. Tones down wrinkles and skin blemishes while leaving the eyes appearing sharp.

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