Visual Departures SteadyBag Model II

Visual Departures SteadyBag Model II
    MSRP: 70.00

    Price: $58.95

    Code: SB-2

    Visual Departures SteadyBag Model II
    Seven pound bag.

    Steadybag is a high-technology update of the old-fashioned beanbag. Steadybag virtually eliminates camera shake without the need for time-consuming tripod setup. Use it for rock-solid shooting on car hoods, window ledges, boulders or tree branches.

    Made from rugged waterproof nylon and filled with thousands of custom-milled polypropylene beads, Steadybag is available in three models. The seven-pound size is designed for broadcast video (ENG/EFP) and motion picture cameras, as well as still cameras with very long and/or heavy lenses. The three-pound Steadybag is for 35mm and medium-format SLRs, as well as video camcorders. And Steadybag Jr., is designed especially for point-and-shoot cameras. At just eight ounces, you can take it anywhere.