Manfrotto Micro Ball Head 492

Manfrotto Micro Ball Head 492
    MSRP: 73.00

    Price: $64.99

    Code: Manfrotto-492

    Manfrotto Micro Ball Head 492
    Micro Ball Head. An all-purpose ball head designed for use with compact, 35mm and small digital cameras, the 492 stands at just over 2 inches tall and is rated to support loads over 4lbs!
    Great to use for mounting small monitors, firestore drives, etc. to the top of your camera.

    It has a single indexed ratchet locking knob for 360 degree pan and a double groove for +90 degree -90 degree tilt movements. Camera attachment is via a 2" platform with a 1/4-20" male thread, and head to tripod attachment is 1/4-20" and 3/8" female.

    It is 3/8" female threaded on bottom, and 1/4-20" male threaded on top, but also comes with a thread increasing/reducing bushing, which allows you to increase the top to 3/8" male or decrease the bottom to 1/4-20" female. Replaces Manfrotto #482.