Manfrotto LYKOS Bluetooth Dongle

Manfrotto LYKOS Bluetooth Dongle
    MSRP: 110.00

    Price: $99.99


    Manfrotto LYKOS Bluetooth Dongle
    The Bluetooth dongle allows you to connect your LYKOS wirelessly to your iPhone (using the LYKOS Lights App) or to Manfrotto Digital Director (with the Manfrotto Digital Director App). Both Apps are available for download on iTunes.

    The LYKOS Lights App can be downloaded from Apple AppStore and supports iOs 8 or later. The features of this app include dimming control, colour temperature control, setting groups of LED lights and scene configuration.

    • Wireless bluetooth connectivity.
    • Compatible with iPhone and Manfrotto Digital Director Apps.
    • Easy and instant connection.