Mini White Balance Card

Mini White Balance Card
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    Mini White Balance Card
    4 x 6 inches.

    ColorChecker White Balance gives photographers a way to adjust the digital camera's color sensitivity to exactly match the ambient lighting conditions, in effect, change what that the camera sees. The perceived color of white often changes based on ambient conditions - outdoor it is perceived to be cooler, indoor it is perceived to be warmer and under fluorescent light it is perceived to be greener. Even in a controlled studio environment, establishing an accurate custom white balance ensures an accurate image from the start of each new photo session.

    ColorChecker White Balance Features and Benefits:
    • 4 x 6 inch version of the white reference square from the ColorChecker. 
    • Provides a precise uniform surface that is spectrally neutral under all lighting conditions. 
    • Ensures that the digital camera's raw image accurately portrays real life.