DSC Labs Pocket CamFocus

DSC Labs Pocket CamFocus
    MSRP: 71.00

    Price: $52.25

    Code: DSC-PCF

    DSC Labs Pocket CamFocus
    Pocket CamFocus - Actual Size: 6.25"x3.75"
    Critical BackFocus on one side - Neutral White on the other - includes pouch & lanyard

    Look Sharp, Shoot Smart with CamFocus
    Use CamFocus to critically focus HD/SD video cameras, and to white balance accurately. Diminutive versions of DSC's regular CamAligns, CamFocus is crafted with the care and precision you'd expect from the industry's premium test chart maker.
    Combining two popular little production charts, CamFocus is the perfect accessory for video shooters, producers and DPs on the go - as well as for camera operators and engineers! Use CamFocus for critical focusing on the set and to white balance any television, video and digital camera.
    CamFocus Cards consist of two surfaces of chart material laminated together back-to-back; DSC's unique extended "bow-tie" star and a "TrueWhite" white balance chip. Available in Handy and Pocket models, CamFocus has its own lanyard and is enclosed in a convenient protective pouch.
    The BackFocus star helps you "pop" cameras into focus, quickly and easily. Simply position the star next to the subject/talent's face, and adjust the camera to optimal sharpness (see CamAlign for more info/benefits). The "TrueWhite" chip helps you to make the most of a camera's alignment - and to reproduce skin tones and colors with accuracy. Just position "TrueWhite" in front of the camera during manual white balance illuminated by your key light - use with every lighting change (see White'nWarm for more info/benefits).
    CamFocus is a "must" for all your HD/SD productions!
    Back Focus, and White Balance, with Precision - Every Time!
    Versatile CamFocus slips easily into pockets, camera bags and other tight spaces (protective pouch included). Laminated CamFocus surfaces clean easily with a damp cloth.