Bogen The Pod - Red (Clearance)

Bogen The Pod - Red (Clearance)
    MSRP: 19.00

    Price: $14.95

    Code: BOGEN-TPR0017-B

    Bogen The Pod - Red (Clearance)

    Diameter: 5" ( 12.5 cm)
    Height: 2" ( 5cm)
    Weight: 12 oz ( 350 g - as shipped)
    Mount: 1/4-20 Screw centrally mounted.
    Max Capacity: Lots. THE pod™ can be stepped upon by an average male and come out smiling.
    Bogen Cat No: TP R0017-B

    The red pod™ is for larger cameras and camcorders. Weighing less than 1lb, the red pod™ is ideal when you can’t use a tripod but still want sharp pictures. The pod can be set-up virtually anywhere. If you’re on the road or at home just connect your camera to the universal locking bolt, and you’re ready to shoot.
    THE pod™’s compact design gives customized support for a variety of surfaces and angles.
    • Usable where a tripod is not allowed
    • No instructions or technical support required
    • You can throw it against a wall and it won’t break
    • Attaches to any and every kind of camera
    • Cram it into a backpack or suitcase
    • No batteries required
    • You can remove the filling if you really want to travel light then fill it up at your destination
    • Will not scratch or mar surfaces
    • Can support a lot of weight
    • The ideal conversation piece
    • A unique way of supporting cameras
    • Can fit into tight spaces
    • Limited only by your imagination