5x5 Coral Color Balancing/Warming Filter - Choose your density

5x5 Coral Color Balancing/Warming Filter - Choose your density
    MSRP: 395.00

    Price: $355.50

    Code: 68-101859-100259

    5x5 Coral Color Balancing/Warming Filter - Choose your density
    Coral 1/8: 68-101859
    Coral 1/4: 68-101459
    Coral 1/2: 68-101259
    Coral 1: 68-100159
    Coral 2: 68-100259

    Cinematographers who own a complete set of Schneider Coral filters have the ability to control just about any outdoor lighting situation. Because all Schneider filters are designed and manufactured with the highest possible degree of consistency, you can swap same-number Coral filters in mid-shoot without a discernible variation in color or effect. This unprecedented level of consistency enables Directors of Photography to shoot with multiple cameras and replace lost or damaged filters during production with absolutely no visible change in the warming effect.

    Schneider Coral filters are made from crystal-clear water-white optical glass, and are protected against edge-chipping and delamination by Schneider's unique Edge Seal, which also reduces edge-reflections and flare.

    Schneider Coral filters can be combined with the Schneider 85 filter to create exciting results. For example, Directors of Photography will often spice upa scene by combining an 85 with a Coral #2, to create additional warming.

    Considered to be both color-correction and color-effects filters, Schneider Coral filters are used to warm cool lighting situations such as overcast days and scenes in open shade. Different strengths of Schneider Coral filters can be used during filming to achieve the same degree of apparent warmth under different light conditions. This makes them particularly useful for maintaining a consistent color balance throughout an entire day of shooting, or to create a sunset or dawn effect during the day. Schneider Coral filters can be used to under-correct a scene in order to create an excessively blue look for added drama, and can also be used as warming filters to create other dramatic effects.