Schneider 3x3 Classic Softs - Choose your Density

Schneider 3x3 Classic Softs - Choose your Density
    MSRP: 165.00

    Price: $148.50

    Code: 68-084033-084433

    Schneider 3x3 Classic Softs - Choose your Density
    Classic Soft 1/8: 68-084033
    Classic Soft 1/4: 68-084133
    Classic Soft 1/2: 68-084233
    Classic Soft 1: 68-084333
    Classic Soft 2: 68-084433

    For classic Old-Hollywood close-ups, with image quality for the New-Hollywood.

    Schneider has developed a subtle and effective softening filter that can be used freely without fear of compromising the high quality of modern lenses.

    Schneider Classic Soft filters are made possible by state-of-the-art optical technology, and a proprietary Schneider manufacturing technique that produces a Micro-Lenslet array. This filter blends small wrinkles and blemishes while maintaining overall sharp focus that conceals the fact that a softening filter was used.

    In the normal range of exposure, this filter imparts only a closely confined, very subtle glow to highlights. If large amounts of overexposure exist in a scene, like a "blown" window, Classic Soft filters add a stylish glow that keep the scene's contrast under control, while adding a romantic look.

    Classic Soft filters are available in 5 five strengths, with 1/8 being the most subtle effect and 2 being the boldest effect.

    Contains hundreds of Micro-Lenslets evenly distributed throughout the filter. Classic Softs create a unique softening effect that helps smooth-out blemishes and minimize wrinkles. The stronger grades (1 & 2) help add mood to scene by causing highlights to glow softly.