Schneider 4x4 85 or 81EF and ND Combination Filter - Choose your density

Schneider 4x4 85 or 81EF and ND Combination Filter - Choose your density
    MSRP: 215.00

    Price: $193.50

    Code: 68-035344-036944

    Schneider 4x4 85 or 81EF and ND Combination Filter - Choose your density
    85ND.3 (1 Stop): 68-035344
    85ND.6 (2 Stop): 68-035644
    85ND.9 (3 Stop): 68-035944
    85ND1.2 (4 Stop):68-035124

    81EFND.3 (1 Stop): 68-036344
    81EFND.6 (2 Stop): 68-036644
    81EFND.9 (3 Stop): 68-036944

    When more filter effects are desired than can be fit into a two or three slot matte box, combination filters make it possible.

    Blending two or more filter effects into one filter makes it possible to have less glass in front of the lens--an advantage when using several filters simultaneously.

    These filters combine either the the 85 or the 81EF color correction filter with and your choice of Neutral Density in one filter.

    The use of high speed tungsten film oudoors under daylight conditions often requires both color correction and neutral density.

    These filters corrects tungsten balanced film to daylight and reduces the total amount of light entering the camera lens, allowing the use of larger apertures for selective focus and rack focus.

    The 81 EF filter is a pale orange warming filter that can be used to control the bluish cast in images shot on cloudy days or in open shade. It can also be used simply to warm up a shot or to enrich skin tones. While often used in cinematography as a warming filter in combination with an 85 filter, sometimes a Director of Photography may prefer to use an 81EF filter INSTEAD of an 85 filter. This results in under correction of tungsten balanced film shot under daylight and provdes a cool or bluish look.

    85 filters are used to correct the color of tungsten balanced film when shooting in daylight. Most films are shot using tungsten film which is exposed indoors without the need for a filter. When the production moves outside into daylight, tungsten balanced film is also used, with the addition of an 85 filter in front of the lens. Experience has shown that this is a practical and cost effective way of managing the problem of shooting both indoors and outdoors with the resulting color temperature changes.